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3 Steps To Reaching Influential People

1. Take ACTION

It is very easy to wake up everyday and dream of working with the “top dogs” of the world, then hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. That is why ACTION is the first step to reaching high profile, successful people. By taking ACTION (and yes it is necessary to capitalize every time to get the point across) I have been able to reach people such as Guy Kawasaki, Barbara Corcoran, Eric Trump, and many other high caliber business people and entrepreneurs.

2. The Pitch

So you took the first step and now you are sitting at your computer ready to take on the world. Now what? You have to stand out from the masses and deliver a concise, meaningful pitch. Here is an example of an e-mail I sent to Guy Kawasaki (the original evangelist for Apple Inc)

This was a simple e-mail but got the point across that I was a big fan of his work and studying entrepreneurship, which is his number one passion.

However, a key ingredient to sending an effective e-mail that will get a response is the subject. With today’s e-mail systems, mail that doesn’t register as important is thrown into a pile to rot and die, so you have to weasel your way in to the priority mail. The most effective subject I have found that provides me with the highest results is……………Not so fast, this is a whole different topic on its own. I will discuss this in my next posting, stay tuned.

3. Follow Up! 

The final and most crucial step to reaching influential people is FOLLOW UP!!! This is what separates the winners from the losers. You can’t just sit around and wait for something to happen, Take ACTION, Deliver the pitch, and FOLLOW UP with your target. I credit all of my success to following up and being persistent. 

Quick Story Alert!!

Last summer I interned with a commercial real estate company in NYC, Murray Hill Properties, and for the first two weeks after I was interviewed I could not contact the manager I talked with to follow up. He was either in a meeting or just wouldn’t answer the phone. I kept e-mailing and calling until finally I got a hold of him and eventually nailed the job. Once I started working with Murray Hill Properties, David Greene, the manager, called me in his office and told me that he purposely made it difficult to contact him to see how persistent I was. He then went on to say that there were honestly more qualified people applying for the internship, but I just wouldn’t give up and wouldn’t take no as an answer.